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F-80C, 36th FBS, replacement skin

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F-80C, 36th FBS, replacement skin

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This is a replacement skin map for the recently Released F-80C.


I'd forgotten to turn on the layer with the nation marking, so this ONE has them!!


to Install:


unzip to your desktop or other place you can find it easly, and then drop the 36thFBS folder DIRECTLY over your existing folder in the /F-80C


I'll get the entire package updated within the next 24 hours.


Sorry about that people!

and special thanks to GearyMcS for catching it!!



kevin stein

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Hi Wrench, I was diggin holes around your awesome Korea (K3) map in your P80C that I just got, and I noticed just this one detail in the cockpit, the BEFORE LANDING instruction: 4. ARNAMENT SWITCHES. I will bet that was supposed to read ARMAMENT. You're a busy guy, and some things just slip by. I love the jet though! Thanks!


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actually, that pit was built by Kesselbrut 2-3 years ago. I'm not gonna repaint and reletter it.

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