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  1. Hi Blackbird, Another Las Vegas Strong, desert rat here. I loved that video, the Jug's wings bending on the ditch was sweet, and I look forward to the awesome work you guys are doing! Is the plan to release everything at once, or damage models as they are completed?
  2. I have been using mods since day one of this game. I have seen the awesome development from Walmart fiasco to SFP2. One of the problems that I continually run into when installing mods is the inconsistent naming conventions of the mod folders. I see the readmes that state that drag and drop into the folder and overwrite. The problem is that I often find that there are suddenly multiple files like Weapons, weapons, weapon, Weapon, etc. That's four folders for the same thing. My questions are: Is this because of foreign language translations of folder names? Are the .ini files dependant on the naming, and that is why items do not work or cause crashes? For newer users, though, what are the file naming conventions?
  3. AHHHHH, found it, Target Management Switch - Up, sweet, they couldn't name it like "radar target lock" or something a horse would understand, I was pulling my hair out, thanks!
  4. Hye Viper, what is the default A2A target lock key so I can bind it. I tried the TMS sets, but those just move the curser, not select the target.

    It turns out it was for a limited time, but the loader still sees it and makes me click stuff. F-14 locks straight up. so the next 30 days learning how to lock MRMs with my bought Falcon is gonna be a hassle.
  6. I have the beta run edition, I haven't played for quite a while, out of town, but there was a massive update last night which INCLUDED THE SU-27! I thought, how cool, they gave me a plane for some reason (the original LOMAC came with the Flanker). I flew it around a bit but it was too late at night to start learning a new plane from a country that doesn't know what letters are. Anyway, tonight I loaded the game, ready do take some gravity lessons when the message pops up, YOU ARE NOT AUTHORIZED TO HAVE THE SU-27, GIVE US THE KEY, OR IT WILL BE REMOVED. Of course, I don't have a key, because they gave it to me, but now, WTF? was it a weekend trial? I didn't see any trial free weekend info. Bummer, even though I don't even fly the Frogfoot, it would be cool to have it anyway. Thanks for listening to my vent. Sincerely, TGH
  7. The DCS Stay at home sale

    YAY! I can now spend my unused TP paper money on a game instead of food (it would be worth it if we had an F-4 Phantom)!
  8. Where is the F-4 Phantom, the world wonders?
  9. Armée de l'air F-84E/G Skinpack

    Très belle!
  10. DCS Weekend News 11 October 2019

    This is great, I'm downloading the F-16 update now! Since it worked for the Falcon, when are we gonna get a Phantom? Anything in the works?
  11. SF2 F-4G(B) USN Pack

    Love the green skin!
  12. SF2 F-19 USAF black & green camo

    I played the heck out of the Microprose F19 Stealth Fighter on the monochrome screen back in the day. Good times.
  13. Man, what a great looking airplane! Can't wait to get my DCS version.
  14. SF2 OV-1A Bronco, Remod Pack

    Thanks Wrench, this is my absolute favorite scout/recon ever! I will try to use it in cool and unusual ways! Imma horse.
  15. DCS Weekend News: 24 May 2019

    I was wondering a week or so ago about why there is no F-16 in DCS... no longer wonder, but wonderful!
  16. DCS Weekend News: 8th March 2019

    This is a great plan! To bad the F-14 is released on the 13th instead of the 14th (my birthday) that would be the trifecta.
  17. SF2 Atlas Impala Mk.II by Marcfighters V2

    Thanks for your dedication, Wrench!
  18. Message System Update

    I created the .ini file and copied word for word and saved to my Mod/Flight folder. No text appears at all, which is cool. Maybe it has to do with the resolution of my screen (1920x1080x32)?
  19. Safe Emergency Landing with Traffic on the Road

    I hate when people drive slow in the fast lane! Perfect landing, and didn't block up the whole roadway! Cheers!
  20. F-16C 64th Aggressor Squadron

  21. Turkish Air Force AC-130U Spooky

    Does AI know how to execute attacks with these?
  22. There are so many great screenshots over the years, it is difficult to choose which ones really show something...dramatic, composed, a story in one shot, and thinking back on each event wishing I had more shots of that flight to tell a deeper tale. Anyway, here we go.. A little zipping around taking photos When we come across a Phlock of Phantoms so we join up and have a laugh In other news, e Japanese Defense Force F-104J found a Foxbat being a jerk and gave him whatfor. How about some Hunters escorting Stratofortresses? Successfully... or an Isreali Falcon doing something fun And at the end of the day, my favorite shots are still of the break Good times. Happy hunting!
  23. DEUCES Euro Desert Terrain

    Is this a stand-alone map, or an overwrite?
  24. Interesting beasty! I need more time to study this F-16-XL In the meantime, I will have to settle...poor me. And if things get boring... Or I can go OG, while below everything goes OMG! Ok, got a targ....HEY, WHAT THE HECK? Where did my target go?? Oh, you sneaky Hog, we had this under control! Sure ya did, pal! Sure ya did.

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