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Tu-4 Bull SF-2 pack

The Tupolev Tu-4 (NATO reporting name: Bull) was a piston-engined Soviet strategic bomber

that served the Soviet Air Force from the late 1940s to mid 1960s.

It was a reverse-engineered copy of the U.S.-made Boeing B-29 Superfortress.


What's in:


-Tu-4 main production version, originally designated B-4. PLAAF H-4.


-Tu-4A nuclear capable bomber used to test Soviet RDS-1, RDS-3 and RDS-5 nuclear bombs.

The standard Tu-4 was not capable of carrying these weapons.


-Tu-4K/KS anti-shipping version, armed with KS-1 Komet missiles carried between the engines under the wings.


-Tu-4R long range reconnaissance.


This work began only as a limited skinwork for bringing to Jon a better bomber to use in Formosa and TSF.

But after all serials were made, I remade and upgraded all 4 versions.

Especially the Tu-k now fitted with pylons for KS-1 Kometa and Tu-4A with RDS-3 nuke bomb.




- MontyCz for original model

- Lindr2 for the SF1 version

- Eburger68 for first SF-2 edits (Nato)

- new decals, skins and edits are mine.




As usual all in main mod folder.


I hope this will be usefull in NATO, TSF & Formosa campaigns making ....





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