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Ambient sound videos

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Here are a couple of movies from my game. Thanks to SpinyNorman, I've added new sounds all over my terrain. In the video's you'll hear birds chirping around the airfields and horses coming from geo's wagen ground objects. In the "chirping Birds" sound effects I've added some distant artillery too. Also I've added a "Charging Infantry" sound effect for Stephen1918's infantry. When they move you hear them yelling. When they're stationary they mumble and fire few shots. They also have some artillery sounds in the background. Turn your volume up a bit to hear everything. These are just quick videos, so I hope you get the idea. Oh and there is the "Siren" effect by SpinyNorman around the airfield in one of the videos too.


My Movie.wmvMy Movie 2.wmvMy Movie3.wmv

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cool videos! sounding good.

heheh I like the horses! You have got so much life around your airfields... I'm still busy livening up the front, tedious but at the same time strangely addictive (and educational!). By the sounds of it I think I'm using the same cheer for Stephen1918s Infantry, seems to be the only decent one I could find... I like the cheer the infantry gave in Red Baron 2, a good hearty roar!


nice one. :good:


P.S. how do you take videos in game?.....

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