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Field Guns for First Eagles

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Field Guns for First Eagles

In World War I, field guns were light artillery weapons used for infantry support on the battlefield. The barrel could be elevated using a mechanism on the carriage, but the entire gun had to be turned to aim it. I have created eight new field guns for First Eagles, each with a two man crew behind a small log and earth barricade.


This download includes - a Russian Putilov 76.2mm, and Austrian Krupp 77mm, A German Krupp 77mm, an Italian Déport 77mm, a French 75mm, a British 75mm, an American 75mm, and a Turkish Krupp 77mm.


The field guns take the role of Tank in First Eagles so they will appear on the battlefield during Army Co-operation missions. All the guns use the stock 75mm gun data from First Eagles.



Installation Instructions

You can install the guns individually or all at once. Unzip the file and move the folders you want into the FirstEagles/Objects/GroundObjects folder. Destroyed versions of all the guns use the same skin as the AAA guns. If you don't already have it, you must also copy the file "DestroyedAAA.bmp" into the FirstEagles/Objects/GroundObjects folder. The file must be placed in root level of the GroundObjects folder (not inside any other folders.)


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