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Detachable Landing Gear

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Anyone know how Pasko got the landing gear Trolley to fall off (detach) the Me-163? I have the Data,but there is no .out file with the mod to cross check what I have to do in Max to replacate it other than it retracts. duh nevermind. "HideGearNode=TRUE"

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he never supplied OUTs for anything, which hurts a bit. and the hex editor search is hit and miss.


can't remember exactly how it worked...


but try this... EXTEND the landing gear.

Watch what happens

funnier than hell!


Fubar was reworking the FM for IJN 'what if' version, but that was before Superstorm Sandy. I can check with him, and see how far along it is. I do remember him telling me he'd changed something about the trolley

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