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slick cowboy

how to transfer the F-16 Netz cockpit to the F-16A's from NF5?

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As the title suggest, I'm trying to transfer the cockpit of the Netz to the various F-16A used in Nato Fighters 5.

I used the F-16A blk10 USAF, the last improved model as an example and copied the cockpit.ini contents into the one of the F-16 from NF5.

And well, I end up with an exploding aircraft...


Any suggestions... I'd like to fly the Belgian and Dutch F-16s but with the Netz cockpit...

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Just copy this line:


into the .ini file of the Aircraft you wish to fly. Make sure it overwrites any other CockpitDataFile= entries.


In three steps:

1: Open the .ini file of the Aircraft you wish to attach the cockpit to.


2: Find the CockpitDataFile= Entry (Control+F to search in Notepad)


3: Paste F-16A_Netz_cockpit.ini over whatever previous entry there was. If no entry exists, adding the cockpit will make the aircraft flyable.



Not much harder then that :beach:


Now, this is for standard, non-mod cockpits. For modded cockpits, make sure the cockpit file in question and any folders named Cockpit is included as well.

Good luck!

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