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Star Wars: The Old Republic goes Free to Play

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Star Wars the Old Republic goes Free to Play today - or soon within your time zone.


If you enjoyed Knights of the Old Rebublic and/or Mass Effect/Dragon Age, you will probably find this game enjoyable as the "solo content" and class storylines up to lvl 50 is avalible without charge making it a good and solid single player experience. If you want the more refined MMO things, expect to have to pay up for it. Simple as that.


For you who are out for a great story, I have two recommendations:


Imperial Agent for the Sith Empire

You begin as a agent, infiltrating a Hutt Cartel. Your mission is simple, align the Hutt to your cause by any means necessary including old fashion sucking up, eliminating opponents and making deals. However, you will soon discover a grave treat to the Empire in the shape of the Eagle - and discover the very threads of Galactic Civilization. Your companions are interesting and useful and will make talking to them a rather intriguing experience.,


The simplest spec is the Sniper. You deploy and you shoot. Then you have the Operative, who relies more on tools.


Trooper for the Galactic Republic.

Deployed on Ord Mantrell for Havoc Squad, you have yet to earn the white armor of the Republic Special Forces. Fighting separatists, intent on having Mantell leave the Old Republic and proving your worth to your commanders will turn the mission sour when your team is captured and you alone must rescue them...


Trooper is a run-and-gun spec; but without cover. I find Vanguard to be the most fun spec, as it focuses on close up combat with Area of Effect Weapons.


If you want a Sith, the Inquisitor is the best one. If you want a Jedi, Jedi Consular is the most recommended one, but I have little experience with either.



So get the game client, and may the force be with you.


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In KOTOR 1 and 2, a Consular was the "all about the Force, not the saber" class. I never did too well at it...

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After now slightly more than a couple of weeks playing the Jedi Consular ("Let the Force in, and enforce Peace") and the Sith Warrior ("Jump into the melee, feel the power in your enemies' distress, and let some others count the burnt bodies"), both about 22nd Grade, I can tell I just find the game really, dangerously addicting. But I usually am an easy audience. I would have never come to the game if paying, fearing an unsufficient system, but it works well on my machine. Now I can't wait to carry on with my avatars' adventures, and try some other careers... :good:

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Yesterday September 16 has seen (with some delays) the opening access to SWTOR's new expansion pack, 'Galactic Strongholds', for the Preferred status players like me. Suscribers have access since one month, free-to-play members shall have to wait for one month more. 'Strongholds' allows the players to buy with in-game money some private cosy nests located on various planets for their avatars, and also afford very expensive Guild flagships. If allowance granted, these places can be open to visit by other players.


To be frank, I was pawing the ground for this long-awaited access. Now I just have bought, and am enjoying furnishing with personal touch:

  • a large flat in the vertical tops of the Galactic capital city-planet of Coruscant, for my Jedi sage Master (unrestricted view at sunset over the astroport and never-ending streams of flying vehicles around)

  • another overlooking flat same size set on Dromund Kaas, capital planet of the Sith Empire in the game, for my dual-swordsman Darth (oppressive darkness, thunderstorms and heavy rains all year long, book your holidays there)

  • an actual stronghold nested in a rocky cliff of Tatooine, no introduction needed for that planet, for my armor-clad Jedi Knight (mix of ambiances, between "Dune" and "Kingdom of Heaven", I just like it)

[There is also a Nar Shaddaa Sky Palace, a sort of bling-bling sci-fi version of Playboy Mansion floating over a smugglers' moon looking like Las Vegas by night; it is dreadfully expensive and does not appeal to me that much.]


At the moment, I handle up to six avatars, four of them at max Level 55, and I nurse them all. I have played the game for nearly two years now, and still enjoy it very much. This addiction partly explains the lowering of rates for my deliveries to CombatAce during these last two years. Apologizes for being still an old sci-fi nerd.


         - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


January 2015: my three fully furnished "strongholds" can now be visited at tor-decorating.com. I do include the links, but lots of fine creations by other players can also be visited there:


Avshalom's Sith Academy - Battle Meditation

Geilmer's Jedi Academy - Battle Meditation

Valorix's Galactic Stronghold - Battle Meditation

Edited by Capitaine Vengeur

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