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Banidos J-31

J-31 de Banidos Team


Beta inicial, será reemplazado pronto por un lanzamiento full 1.0

3D-INIs -> AleDucat

Skin -> No tiene!



Usar el del F-35 :grin:





Banidos Team's J-31


Early beta version, will be replaced soon with a full 1.0 release.

3D-INIs -> AleDucat

Skin -> Not yet!



Use F-35's instead :grin:


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really good start, maybe you can include the cockpit or use juhlems raptor pit.

i´ve the problem that the F-35 Cockpit is slightly of. looks like the position data is wrong or something

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      View File Harbin H-5 (Chinese Il-28 Beagle)
      Harbin H-5 for STRIKE FIGHTERS 2
      This is a very simple mod of the stock Third Wire Il-28 'Beagle' to create the reverse engineered Harbin H-5 copy. As the PLAAF also operated the Il-28 I've set the service dates to match those given for the stock Third Wire Il-28 (for China) but the Chinese H-5 programme was a slow starter
      and it didn't enter service until 1967.
      Generic markings with new serial numbers based on the photo of '83002' with a painted radome are included and please note that this mod uses Wrench's F-4B pit for pasko's Yak-25B 'Brewer' so it should work with any version of SF2 that has medium length runways.

      1. From the AIRCRAFT folder drag and drop the H-5 folder into your Aircraft folder.
      2. From the DECALS folder drag and drop the H-5 folder into your main Decals folder.
      3. From the PILOTS folder drag and drop the PILOT_PLAAF folder into your main Pilots folder.
      That's it!

      Thanks to Third Wire for a great little game/sim.
      Thanks to Wrench for the Brewer cockpit.
      Thanks also to whoever did the excellent PLAAF pilot (let me know and I'll gladly give credit).
      And thanks to everyone in the wider Third Wire community.
      Version 2 - 03/02/19
      Version 1 - 14/07/12  
      Submitter Spinners Submitted 07/14/2012 Category Other  

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