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KAW F7F-3N Tigercat

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KAW F7F-3N Tigercat

An updated SF-2 version of Geo's F7F-3N Tigercat with the original Lod's, Skins, and decals.


One of the aircraft that has been getting worked on by the KAW team. It includeds a new FM, a choice of two cockpits, both blue and black drop tanks, and a type specific TinyTim as well as a few other odds and ends.




1.] GEO! For making the Tigercat models, skins and decals!


3.] TMF for the Corsair NF cockpit. [i think]


2.] Cliff11, for putting together the modified F-86D cockpit. Also Lex Luther, SabreDog Team, and Zura for previous work.


3.] Cliff11 again for putting together the new 150Gal drop tanks.


4.] FM credits: Baffmeister, Cliff11, Charles for the original, a lot of which is still there, and ThirdWire.


WAIVERS: This package is for freeware use only!


The Tigercat in Korea - A brief History


VMF-542 Squadron left San Diego for Japan in late August, 1950, the Tigercats being hoisted aboard the small aircraft carrier USS Cape Esperance. After arriving in Japan, the squadron was based at Itazuke AB for a short period but probably didn't operate over Korea at that time. More likely they were just placed on alert status to counter any potential inbound threats.

After the invasion at Inchon on September 15, VMF-542 began deployment to the newly captured airfield at Kimpo [K-14]. They flew their first combat missions from Kimpo on September 20. Operations from Kimpo were in support of the 1st Marine Division as it attacked northward. VMF-542 likely operated from the frozen Chosin Resevoir during that campaign. During this phase most operations were day and night interdiction, combat air support and armed recon but there is an interesting account of a VMF-542 Tigercat escorting a PR Tigercat [VMJ-1?] all the way to Vladivostok and back.

In January, 1951, VMF-542 moved back to Itazuke, Japan. From there the Tigercats conducted long range armed recon missions as well as doing some spotting for naval gunfire.

During February, 1951, VMF-542 was back in Korea, operating from Pusan [K-1] airfield.

In March, 1951, VMF-542 returned to El Toro, California, to begin training on the F3D Skynight. VMF-542's Tigercats and some pilots were transferred to VMF-513, making VMF-513 a composite squadron with both Tigercats and Corsairs. At some point after being transferred to VMF-513 the Tigercats recieved their rather famous flat black paint jobs. With VMF-513 the Tigercats were flown from Pusan mainly at night with the Corsairs operating in the day time. During the night missions the Tigercats would sometimes team up with flare dropping R4D's and PB4Y Privateers.

In June, 1951, VMF-513 moved to Kangnung [K-18], on the east coast of Korea. It was at this point the Tigercats scored there only aerial victorys, shooting down one PO-2 Biplane in June and another PO-2 in July, both shot down during night operations. From Kangnung the Tigercats also flew long night time patrols protecting the valuable radar station at Cho-do. On the return leg the Tigercats would engage any targets of opportunity. Another task was night time ground controlled radar bombing. The Tigercats would be called in by forward air controllers but the bombing run was calculated and directed by ground controlled radar operators. Yet another task was escorting B-26 Invaders during night time interdiction missions.

At the end of March, 1952, VMF-513 moved to Kunsan [K-8] airfield. The front line was quite static at this time allowing a very heavy concentration of anti-aircraft guns to be built up. For night time combat air support operations, a system was devised were two crossed searchlight beams would be used as a reference point while a FAC would give targeting directions to the Tigercat pilot, based on the position of the crossed seachlight beams. After the first Napalm bombs were dropped the FAC would give directions for further drops by referencing the position of the fire from the first drop.

In late summer, 1952, VMF-513 received twelve F3D SkyKnight fighters and the last of the Tigercats were phased out shortly after.


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