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[What If] HRM Norskehavet and Task Force

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[What If] HRM Norskehavet and Task Force

This pack contains the fictional Norwegian Carrier HRM Norskehavet, escorts and aircraft.

Everything you need to make her combat capable and add her own little task force !



Strike Fighters 2 North Atlantic is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for this mod.


Unzip into your mod folder. If you wish to use the Carrier in the 1979 Campaign, unzip the Campaigns.zip file into the mod folder.



Full Story:





Independence Class Carrier:

Model by YEYEYE & Wrench (?)

ini Edits by Wrench

Parking Slots by Paulopanz

Arrestor Cables by eburger



3D Model: Fleet-Defender

Texture Mapping: BPAO

Additional 3D: Crab_02

Flight Model: Column5

Special thanks to: Sony Tuckson

Skins, Ini Edits by JonathanRL


S-3A Viking:

3D model by Fox the Man Hunter

Skins, ini Edits by JonathanRL


C Class Destroyer:

Model by Hinchinbroke

Updated by Paulopanz


Oslo Class FF:

Model by Hinchinbroke

Updates by WhiteBoySamurai




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