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McDonnell Douglas F-4E 'Kurnass' - No.69 Squadron, 'The Hammers', Heyl Ha'Avir, 1980


After the 1973 'Yom Kippur' war an uneasy truce settled on the Middle East but this was shattered when combined Soviet-backed Syrian and Jordanian forces launched a massive offensive against the West Bank in November 1979.


At a time when American minds were focused on the Iranian hostage crisis the severity of the Arab drive across the Jordanian border into the West Bank was not realised until Menachem Begin made an impassioned appeal for support and the USA duly obliged with the immediate transfer of 36 F-4E Phantoms from USAFE to the Heyl Ha'Avir. Under 'Project Karpada 2' these aircraft were hastly fitted with a fixed inflight refuelling probe by Israeli Aircraft Industries but retained the standard USAFE wraparound camo scheme and entered service in late December 1979. After the end of hostilities in January 1980 the aircraft were gradually upgraded to full Kurnass standards eventually losing their USAF camo scheme.











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