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Just Flight Sims....

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I'm waiting for the ultimate edition that will include all the DLC. They did it for Forza 2, they did it for F3, they'll do it for F4. The wrinkle this time is Forza Horizon came out, so they don't want anything stealing FH's thunder. I'm sure in the next few months.

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Best I can explain it is by example.

Here are links to the 2 versions for F3:




You'll see that the Ultimate version, which IIRC came out a year after the initial release, has tons more cars and tracks that were released as DLC for F3 over that year.


F3 came out Oct 2009.

F3 Ultimate came out Oct 2010.

F4 came out Oct 2011.

You can see why I was expecting F4 Ultimate a couple of months ago! Instead, Forza Horizon came out Oct 2012.


I still believe F4 Ultimate will be out not too far from now, so I'm waiting for that. I only bought F3 while I should've waited and bought the Ultimate version to get the other cars and tracks. I'm not making the same mistake with F4! Besides, I'm not finished with F3 yet despite having it around 3 years now!

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That's a sexy Chevy II.


Thank you.... l wanted something different so l made this....have a 70 Nova with the same paint scheme.

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