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Suggestions From Seasoned Campaign Builders Gratefully Accepted...

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Hi guys.

You've all probably heard of the Desert 4 terrain I've been working on. Yesterday I thought I'd try it out on my edited Desert campaigns. I thought; "well, if the campaigns work with Desert3, well then surely it'll work on Desert4."




Every single f**king time, the loading procedure stops loading at 40%. No matter what squadron or service I chose, the same result...

... with the exception of two random squadrons. When trying out those two squadrons, all the other squadrons showed up and "did their bit", albeit in AI mode.


It can't be the aircraft that are causing the problem, since I can fly single missions with them. The campaign INI files haven't been changed since I used it with Desert3. Desert4 is structurally the same as Desert3 apart from the fact that Desert3 is based on Polak's tiles with Desert4 being based on the stock terrain.


Suggestions, anyone? I'm at a total loss here... :please:

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I had this issue long time ago, but for the life of me, I cannot remember what caused it. Can you send me the ini files in PM?


It is _ALWAYS_ a good idea to have a second pair of eyes on a file. Obvious errors are usually ignored when your eyes scan a file and see what they expect to see, not what is actually there.

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Can you send me the ini files in PM?


Campaign or terrain?

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