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Falcon BMS 4.32 Update 4 released

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Falcon BMS 4.32 Update 4 released



- PS sound range limit now defaults to the sound table value. This fixes external PS volume issues.

- IVC Client and Server version adjusted to 1.0.2

- The HOJ indication on the HUD/HMS is no longer available, as it is not a real F16 feature.

- Small fixes for Maverick SMS page OSB 1 & 2 not working when no missiles left.

- Fix for the bad alpha rendering in IR camera.

- Prevent loading of PPTs/TGTs and lines when DTC load is called after changing logbook pilot, otherwise a CTD is caused if there are PPTs set in the .ini (similar to the load at sim startup).

- Make Overfly mark not to automatically mark the point on entry if the current master mode is Dogfight or MRM. TMS up is needed now.

- Allow loading of previously saved TGT STPTs, PPTs and Lines for campaigns as well when calling for a DTC load. Loading for campaigns is done from callsign.ini.

- Prevent ACs from being initialized into stall condition.

- Ensured that ECM flights will always load ECM pods.

- Fix for blocked IVC radio channel when player is busy talking as they either have the jet shot out from under them or eject.

- Team color/flag/name/motto/colonel/commander/wingman/replacements/playerrating/lastmissionplayer are all updated correctly when connecting to an online game.

- Fix for AI not able to takeoff from airstrips (ATC was missing).

- Fixed external fuel tank handling for A/C without a center HP (e.g. Su-7 BMK).

- Corrected string formatting in force level history.

- Fix for ABs with damaged runways not getting repaired.

- Fixed overspeed damage on enter mission due to invalid waypoint timings - limited to 95% of curMaxStoreSpeed.

- Rewrote the TRP FUEL warning check routine, that should fix the "TRP Fuel warning coming up too early" issue.

- Added channel validity check on the IFF page:

-- M1 range 00 to 73, 1st digit 0-7, 2nd digit 0-3 (octal, but last digit restricted)

-- M2/M2 range 0000 to 7777, all digits 0-7 (octal)

- Fixed DED ILS CRS display to include leading zeros.

- Fixed FCR ACM/CRM mode in MRM always being coupled to the current NAV or AA mode, they can be set independent now.

- Fixed the "Enable Training Script" checkbox not resetting correctly when backing out of a TE. Made sure that the "Commit" button is only active if a TE is actually selected.

- Changed the Bank Angle Indicator (BAI) on the HUD to use the newer Block version.

- Fixed optimum altitude caret (CRUS HOME), it now honors the actual HUD altitude mode (barometric/radar) correctly.

- Fixed HUD mode readout in MRM being stuck in NAV if no missiles are loaded.

- Fixed FCR BIT causing MFD primary/secondary/tertiary mode (OSBs #12,13,14) mixup. Instead, check whether FCR is configured on some MFD already, and activate that MFD page in that case. Only if FCR is not setup anywhere, change the current TEST page to FCR.

- Fixed possible deletion of non-highlighted files in the dogfight UI.

- Prevented AWACS from calling out A/C which are still on the ground as "be advised, thread bearing...". Please note that this is not a correctly modeled Doppler radar MTR (yet), hence it's a compromise, as real AWACS *could* call out ground A/C threads which are fast enough (e.g. during takeoff run). If you don't want that new behavior, just add "set g_bAWACSCallsGroundAC 1" in your config (default is 0, i.e. not calling).

- Allowed entering/displaying of leading zeros on the DED IFF page.

- Fixed E3 LOD script issues which broke some animations in simple models:

-- reverted "E3" LOD script (scriptnumber 5) to the original DOF 2 version as it was before U3, applicable for "simple" models,

-- added an additional "ComplexE3" LOD script (scriptnumber 19) for DOF 14 use, applicable for "complex" models.

-- Note: as LODEditor does not support the new scriptnumber yet, this has to be set otherwise, e.g. with a hex editor...

- Provided onscreen feedback for joystick recentering in 3D.

- Provided status results in onscreen feedback for TrackIR reloading/recentering in 3D.

- Fixed g_nDeagTimer (lead time for spawning AI) not working in MP.

- Fixed SimPause and SimResume callbacks not being available.

- Corrected DED CNI and STPT page STP/IP/TGT mnemonics behavior: the steerpoint rotary mnemonic and number (STPT xx, IP xx, TGT xx) will usually be shown as STPT xx now. IP xx will only be shown if VIP is active, TGT will only be shown if VRP is active.

- Fixed missing leading 00 for times after midnight for the DED TOS lines on ICP List/DEST and ICP STPT.

- If the obogs breathing sound is active, it will now be muted once you transmit on the radios.

- NWS is not available anymore if LG has been lowered using ALT GEAR.

- Fixed ICP CRUS page DES TOS editing, it does properly handle the current day now:

-- all entered times (hh:mm:ss) will be based on the current day.

-- if a time is entered which is in the past (based on a 24h clock), a time for the *next* day will be assumed.

- Fixed IVC, UHF/GUARD not separating properly.

- Corrected DED UHF/VHF page behavior:

-- PRE will always display the value/frequency of the latest active preset channel upon entering the page.

-- PRE will be highlighted if a preset is active (*a* preset, not necessarily *the* preset currently inreview).

- Made sure AI radio messages can only be received if the corresponding radio is actually powered on. This fixes e.g. the "radio subtitle cheat" issue. Note: As the AI radio system is still not frequency aware, it is possible (though not likely), that the new functionality suppresses radio messages which is was not supposed to suppress. In that case, the behavior can be reverted by setting "set g_bAllowAICommsDrop_NoRadioPower 0".

- Fixed VHF proximity preset filtering.

- Fixed HSI bearing to beacon needle pointing to TACAN while out-of-range in Tacan-ILS mode.

- Fixed radar lock being maintained after the player has landed.

- Fixed UHF preset never kick in when preset is set as default in DTC comm.

- The UHF DTC channels 15-19 will now be *copied* to the BUP presets 15-19 upon entering 3D. This is ONLY a temporary stop-gap "hack" to enable some kind of manual control for the BUP radio (i.e. for tower communications) until MAN freq tuning for the BUP radio is available. Yes, we know it's not "as real as it gets", but again, this is a *temporary* convenience hack only.

- Added freely adjustable 3D mouse sensitivity. Can be configured with the new config option "g_fMouseSensitivity" (default 1.0). Note: anything *below* 1.0 will simply set the sensitivity to "half". That should not be an issue, as all reports were complaining about "too low" sensitivity, i.e. people will choose settings > 1.0 anyway. Try 1.2 to 1.5 for good results.

- Added new callback RecenterJoystick. This will enable the same "center joystick" (pitch/roll/yaw) functionality from the UI to be available in 3D as well.

- Go to x1 compression 5sec early when launching to ramp/taxi/runway from above x1 time compression, to make sure all network queues had some time to process/sync before launch.

- FalconEditor Objective Editor menus fixed (double actions).


- Fixed the RF Campaign "win" conditions to be back to P'Yongyang and Wonsan, (no more Hamhung). Adjusted the ATO, for balance, reducing the number of Blue Force squadrons. Reduced F-5E, removed F-15C's, B1-B's, B-52's, and F-16C Block 50 from initial activation.

- Sound table and PS.ini changes to fix the silence in external views, and also allow some effects feedback in cockpit when sound effects slider is anywhere right to the "with earplugs" default setting. Also made ship sailing sound and thunder sound stronger in general.

- Changed some PS effects:

-- GP500, GP750, GP1000 and GP2000 bombs

-- Maverick effect

-- Secondary explosion for features and vehicles

- Added training water bomb (like ITO red/blue bombs) PS effect.

- Added Kolbe's Keyfile Generator and Keystroke Files, Ver 1.5 - Update 1 to the User/Joystick/Generic directory. Check http://www.benchmarksims.org/forum/showthread.php?7441-New-BMS-keystroke-files for updates and support.

- Updated THEATER.MEA to match current BMS Korea terrain data. This corrects the minimum flight and attack altitudes for A.I. flights.

- Added RedDogs BMS 4.32 Dash 1 manual to the BMS doc folder.

- Updated "Keyfile-generator.xls" to reflect 4.32 U4 callback changes.

- Fix preventing the FAC role to be displayed in mission list when a/c’s FAC role is 0% in database role score.

- Updated the Logbook Pilot Pictures.

- Corrected the operability status for the NS/EW highway strips, i.e. ensured that the HQ planning and AI correctly honor the runway damaged/destroyed status.

- Fixed AI being unable to takeoff from EW Highway Strips.

- Corrected the F16s fuel transfer rates for the centerline tank from 20.0 to 18.0 and for the wingtanks from 33.3 to 30.0 (in 1000s pph).

- Increased viewlimit_pitch_down for all F16 3dckpit.dat files from 50 to 70, in order to make TrackIT/MouseLook movements towards the panels not to feel artificially limited.

- Fixes TOW missile exploding before hitting the target.

- New sun texture, fixes the distorted look when players have blur and bloom off (Note: this might lead to an "elliptic" sun for some players, depending on the sun position at the skydome. However, we figured that this is better than the "sun with corners" that we had before).

- Sorted the Wingman Combat Management radio pages to be in the correct order.

- Adjusted EWS defaults in DTC, fixing the "Chaff Flare Release All" bug when you enter 3D w/o a valid DTC.

- Updated camp files to match changed squadron stored data plus some minor adjustments.

- Adjusted squadron stores for F-16C-25, F-16C-30, F-16C-32, F-16C-TB, F-16C-AGRS, F-16C-40, F-16D-40, F-16C-42, F-16C-50, F-16C-52, F-16D-52 to match RL loadout (only usage of ALQ-184, no more ALQ-131).

- Added SimDedBrightness callback (unmapped) to BMS.key and keystrokes.key.

- Corrected some UI IRC files, they included (invalid) comments which broke the parsing, which lead to some texts not showing up correctly in the UI.

- All onscreen overlay fonts use Arial now, to have them consistent across all resolutions, adjusted radio menu popup box sizes in all resolutions accordingly, implemented ALL common screen resolutions, added info for customized resolutions.

- Added new misc config option g_bAllowAICommsDrop_NoRadioPower (default 1). See code changenotes for details.

- Added new misc config option g_fMouseSensitivity (default 1.0). See code changenotes for details.

- Added new callback RecenterJoystick to BMS.key/keystrokes.key (unmapped). This will enable the same "center joystick" (pitch/roll/yaw) functionality from the UI to be available in 3D as well.

- Corrected Read/Deag timer comments in the config file, they were reversed.

- Added squadron patches for:

-- 373 sqn

-- 373 dragons

-- 373 ghosts

- Added faces to the rear of the F16 cockpit seat model to fix the shadow not being generated correctly in the 3D cockpit.

- Reverted parent 1415 lod0 to previous version so the mast rotates on DOF 3 again and not 14.

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This realy looks good, but I have given up trying to fly this, because in spite of hours of trying, I cannot get my warthog hotas to fuction properly. So, have gone back to Falcon Allied force, which does work. Pity!

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Yes, I got the throttle to work but not the X and Y axis or the rudder.

However, if there is anyone who can let me know how they managed, or if they have a working profile to share, I would be very grateful.

Edited by Mike thompson

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