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SF2 WW2 Messerschmitt Bf-109G-10 Pak by MontyCZ an ndiki

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SF2 WW2 Messerschmitt Bf-109G-10 Pak by MontyCZ an ndiki

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SF2 WW2 Messerschmitt Bf-109G-10 Pak by MontyCZ & ndiki


-- Something for the WW2 ETO players --


= For SF2, Full-4/5 Merged (Full-5 Reccomended/Preferred) =


*This mod Will =NOT= work in SF/Wo* 1stGen game installs.*

*The Latest Patch Level for SF2 (July 2012) is required for this mod. I'm not sure when the 'mission specific loadout' switch was added; perhaps slightly eariler than the June 2012 patch. If you are NOT at the latest patch level (July, 2012), you SHOULD be! Things will -not- work properly if you aren't.*


This is a compliation of several Bf-109 mods by Nigel 'ndidki' Dickenson to MontyCZs Avia S-99 (aka 109G-10) into a more (somewhat, perhaps) coherent, user friendly single aircraft download.


I've combined (iirc) 3 different full aircraft mods into one. Skins in this pak are:


JG 11

JG 53

JG 300


This represents Bf-109G-10s from the mid-to late war timeframe. Skins remain in their bmp format, and Decal Randomization is set to TRUE. All skins and decals were created by ndicki.

The canopy opens with the Standard Animation Keystroke, Shift/0.


When 'in game', on the Aircraft Selection Dropdown Menu, you'll see...


Bf-109G-10 (MCZ)


This will differentiate it from other 109Gs you may have.


Weapons, sounds, pilot figures and a NEW SF2 style 'box art' hangar screen. The Loadout.ini makes use of the 'mission specific' style of loadouts to automatically load the 30mm cannon pods on INTERCEPT mission -ONLY-!!. CAP and SWEEP use the internal guns.


As always, fairly easy to follow, yet detailed install instructions are included. PLEASE read them!!! Also, the "Notes" section for other important stuff of interest.


Happy Hunting!


kevin stein


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soo much mods soo little time :sad:


ehh, life

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