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Should I continue with SF2?

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I am new to SF2 and this community having bought SF2 Vietnam in July 2011. I've been more of a lurker and tend to play games in bursts every now and then so I'm not really up to date with what's going on with SF2.


I originally bought SF2 Vietnam for three reasons. I had heard that it had a great modding community, it covered the Vietnam War (which I am very interested in) and it was well supported through patches years after release. My plan was to buy SF2V and if I enjoyed the sim I would get the others down the road. I was going to buy SF2I but the store was down so I came here to see what's been going on since SF2NA was released.


Going through all those threads it sounds like SF2 has hit a rough patch or worse? Modding is becoming more difficult (why didn't I keep my July 2011 download!?!), the modding community doesn't recieve the same attention as before and there isn't much news about the future of SF2.


I recenlty tried DCS World and I enjoyed it more than I thought I would as pressing 50 buttons to arm a missile never really appealed to me before. I hear the main aircraft like the A-10C are quite detailed so I'm not sure if I'd enjoy it. The A-10C is the only thing in DCS that appeals to me although apparently there is a lot of payware in the making. Looks like DCS is going to be the FSX of combat sims.


On the other hand, SF2 holds more interest with the era and conflicts it covers. There's a huge amount of mods available and it's cheaper. Still, with the way things seem to be going, does SF2 still have a good future ahead of it? If modding continues to get more difficult then newcomers like me won't have earlier versions to fall back on, correct? I would like to be able to buy both but I don't have enough free time or spare cash for that.


TreeHugger - because I'm always crashing in flight sims :pilotfly:

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Welcome to the forum!

SF2 will still go on some time, just the developer focuses currently on other market area, still he has modul Exp3 in the making for this series. I would not bug out just yet because it seems "the sea is too calm". Lots of great mods are there to fly.

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DCS and FSX are both at the start of development regarding the way they look to be going - Falcon 4 is being developed still.


However if you are interested in the Vietnam conflict and that era then don't hold your breath that any of the above will provide what you need - you mention the content thats available for SF2 that has been created over the past 10 years. Well someone has got to do all that again for the above sims - and TBH their focus seems mainly to be post 1983 (there is an F-100D, F-104, A-7 in 3rd party dev).


But then SF2 has this:







Also if its clickable all functioning 6DOF cockpits with accuracy - they take forever to do - DCS has only got the A-10C and the choppers, Falcon has got the F-16C B50/52 - (and an FA-18C on the way) - however its not only the development time for these - who out there with a job has time to learn more than 2 pits like this - when you want to fly different jets then FC3 and SF2 are perfect - you still get a 3D accurate pit and unique FM - but can switch between the jets easier and spend time on tactics and action.



Thirdwire have started porting the titles onto mobile Operating Systems (Android, iOS, Windows 8) and is trying a freemium type business model - so for the time being the current Windows version looks stagnent - and cant say it will come back if the new revenue streams produce more money. Even the Windows 8 version might just be a cut down arcade game like the other mobile apps.


If they stop there then so what - I have First Eagles 2 that hasn't had a patch in years - but its a stable game and you can just add mods to it without the fear of having to lose those mods when you need to upgrade to another patch.


I think I'm running SF2V with the Gold mod add on and my own mods at about April 2012 so I get populated Carrier decks and carrier groups and it seems to be okay - even though I don't like some of the later changes that were made.


SF2/E/I are at Nov 2011 which was a stable patch - and SF2NA is merged with another SF2E at the latest patch.


So the positive thing about SF2V not being developed (if thats the case) is you can add all the mods you like to the game and not have to worry about the next patch breaking everything.

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Thanks for the responses and answering my questions.


I think I'll be sticking with SF2 given what you guys have said. Hopefully the TW store won't be down for much longer.

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