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MTA Certification anyone?

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Hey guys I've got an opportunity to attend an exam for Microsoft Technology Associate certificate


It's Windows 7 Fundamentals exam is 98-349


Now I never attended anything similar, I found a list of 155 questions and I'm running it in the specialized program for such exams and pretty much killing it now(consistently over 90% hihihi).

Must say I'm a bit surprised with all the networking questions, wonder how the freakin server 2008 certification looks like if these are "fundamentals" :pleasantry:


Anyway I've got a guide in *.pdf and that wagon-load of questions I mentioned so even though I only just barely passed the pre-exam(was rushing it, made it in 20 mins and sent it, I should be less arrogant I know) I think I'm well covered in the matter(although I accept advices and recommendations just keep in mind I'm scheduled for Saturday morning so no time for 800pg. reads)


But anyway if anybody ever took one I wonder if there is something special I should take notice of or something you wished you knew before attending one.


If nobody ever took one then, well, at least you will know you can ask me those questions if you ever attend such an exam lol

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Considering this is a less than 2 yr-old initiative aimed at HS and 2-yr college students, I doubt too many around here have taken it. It seems like a "pre-MCP" level. Not sure exactly what it will be useful for.

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Yeah it's probably more common in the States not many people have that here however entry-level it may be so I hope it may open some doors for me and ofcourse I plan to go further than that with some other courses and certificates the biggest thing about this being that's it's actually free for me through some initiative so I definitely want to get it(usually it's around 100$ here)...

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Well since I opened the topic I think it would be ok to share experience for those that may encounter something like that in the future.


Anyway test is 36 questions, you have 50 minutes point and shoot style meaning you just click the correct answer.

I can tell you it was no "cakewalk" and mind you I use Windows 7 since public beta so it's not like I'm not familiarized with it, not too hard but not so easy as one would assume for something that is basically entry-level although;

I must say a bit of the problems came simply from the fact that I(don't we all) use 3rd party software for some stuff I do on my PC so questions about Windows Media Player/Center interface produced some WTF moments...

Also I didn't expect so many network administration questions, nothing too advanced mind you but still for a single PC user with no network experience whatsoever that may be an issue though the fact is that all this I came through was without any lessons or materials provided so if you take it organized in HS or college it may be much easier.


I passed btw. :dance2:

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