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I am running windows 7 on my system, can I run First Eagles on my computer. Right now I fly OFF (over Flanders Field) and I enjoy the simulator very much. But I would like to try another WW I simulator.



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You can use either FE or FE2 with Windows 7 (I have Win 7 and both play). The big difference is FE2 is made for DX10, it uses dual cores (which means double the FPS) and the AI is better.

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Hi Rich and welcome aboard!


Altho First Eagles (1) is said on the TW site to be incompatible with Vista, the latest patches made it Vista-compatible, evidently also Windows 7. As Panama Red said, tho, FE2 is rather better - slightly better AI, better FPS (just slightly, on my box) and some other better stuff eg plane wrecks don't just disappear.


Get FE2 if you have a choice, next best is First Eagles Gold, least best the original First Eagles (as it lacks a few planes added by FEG, so you need more downloads).


IIRC FE2 doesn't provide seasonal variations in terrain. But if like me you have FE (1) as well, you can copy over the seasonal terrain tiles from FE(1) to FE2. And some of the freeware addon terrains have seasonal variations.


I too have OFF (and RoF) and rate FE2 as definitely the best, overall, by a fairly clear margin. As with any sim, you need to spend a bit of time finding the settings that work best for you (everything on 'Hard', except possibly AI and campaign difficulty, is probably best) and you will definitely need some patience to get and install all the great mod community goodies that help lift First Eagles above the rest - can be tedious but it's VERY well worthwhile.


Note you need to install FE2 mods differently to FE(1) - as for other 'second gen' Third Wire sims, FE2 uses a separate, parallel 'mods folder' structure, under your PC's user name, separate from the main sim install. The Strike Fighters 2 Knowledge Base here at CombatAce explains how this works.






In summary, the precise location of your FE2 'mods folder' varies with operating system but the main points to note, once you've found it, are:


1. not all mods subfolders are created when you install FE2 - many are, others you will need to add manually - easy, peasy;

2. terrain mods go into a mods subfolder called 'Terrains' (plural) not 'Terrain' (singular);

3. the 'decals' used by many planes and skins for variable markings need installed separately into a Objects/Decals/[Plane_name]/'D' mods subfolder.


My recommended download list:




- as many as you fancy, or all, of the extra planes available here:




...and here:




Note the CombatAce D/L limits, and both the limits and the very specific registration requirements at A Team Skunkworks.


Note also that some 'mod community' planes have flight models designed for the less reralistic 'Normal' flight model setting. If like me you prefer the more reaslistic 'Hard' setting, you should download Peter01's FM mod pack:






IIRC these FM mods also reduce the effectiveness of tail gunners as well, but I didn't like this and hand-edited them back.


So that you can fly many of the extra planes in campaigns, as well as single missions, you will want some or all of the add-on campaigns, I strongly recommend these, especially:



'Guest's' Bloody April Campaign:




Ojcar's 'Armchair Aces' series:










(note that Grinseed has produced FE(1) versions of Ojcar's Armchair Aces series)


Also - the extra mods mentioned in the Readme's for the above campaigns - like ground MGs, extra nationalities and medals.


Campaigns for other fronts are available on CombatAce if you get bored with the Western Front.


Also, in my 'Highly Recommended' category:


Panama Red's realistic Sky mod:




Jan Tuma's seasonal terrains, if you get bored with the stock ones (I don't):




...and whatever else takes your fancy. I recommend you get the 'essential' ones first, they'll add the most to your experience!


Good Hunting!

Edited by 33LIMA

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I like what I see with First Eagles 2 and all the add on stuff you can down load. Maybe I should explain myself. I have had experience with down loading and installing mods for MS Combat Simulator 2. I enjoyed flying this sim but I like the WW I era better. That is why I have OFF, Rise of Flight and Red Baron 3. Of these three, I find I enjoy OFF better, never could get the campaigns to work right in Rise of Flight, don't use it. The Red Baron sim, I just didn't like. But with OFF, it was easy for me to install with all the patches ( Hat in the Ring add on) and fly the campaigns. I never tried to install any of the available add ons, the installation seem to complicated and I did not want to mess up my game. I did do one add on, It was the Medals improvement, installation was easy. I like OFF but I would like to try something different.


Is Third Wire Productions the only web site? It is not like OFF web site, it is more informative. Well at $19.95 seem like a very fair price. I think I'll order it. Will the Track IR v5 camera system work with this simulator?


I am sure I'll be asking a lot of questions, I hope you guys can help get it up and running.





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All games have their strong points. RoF is the "flight models", OFF is it's "campaign" and FE/FE2 is it's "modability".


I currently have four different FE2 theaters, Western Front, Eastern Front, Italian Front and Middle Eastern Front, while RoF and OFF only have one each. Also my FE2 Western Front has over 200 different planes or variations, and more are being made all the time. With RoF or OFF, you only have what the Devs allow you to have, not what the rest of the community can contribute. It is easy to add new items, planes, terrains to FE2, you just have to read the SF1/SF2 Knowledge Bases and understand where all the new stuff goes.


I use a TrackIR 4, so a TrackIR 5 should work with no problems too.

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