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SF2 WW2 B-24D Liberator (Pasko), ETO-MTO Pak

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SF2 WW2 B-24D Liberator (Pasko), ETO-MTO Pak

SF2 WW2 B-24D Liberator, ETO-MTO Pak


= For SF2 (Full4/5 Merged RECCOMENDED! )


** Due to the extensive modifications to the cockpit and data ini, this mod will absolutely -NOT- work in 06 level 1stGen game installs. 08 Level 1stGens may have some issues, but this has not/cannot be tested by me. Also, having a merged install is reccomended, as the destroyed model references the stock 3W An-12**


This pak contains Pasko's B-24D Liberator Heavy Bomber, with modifications to 'bring it a

little closer" to SF2 spec. However, MUCH more work is needed by FM Gurus.


The units represented herein are:


329th BS, 93rd BG, ETO, in OD/Grey as seen in England in the 42-43 time frame


514th BS, 376th BG, MTO, in Desert Pink/Grey.


Both aircraft carry the 'round ball w/star', pre Sept 1943. The MTO skin uses the roundel

outlined in yellow.

All new skins, from a Home Grown Template ™ are in jpg format. New decals were created for

serials, plane-in-group letters and others. The serials are 'generic' in nature, as they

represent no particular unit, but ARE for the model variant depicted. Decal randomization is

set to TRUE. The orignal nose art decals from 2005 remain, but need replacements.

Weapons and guns are NOT included; you should have them already.

All the 1stGen Hangar and Loading screens were either rebuilt to SF2-spec, or created new for

this package. They are in jpg format. Damage textures are new, in DDS format.


The inis make use of the 'hide component' or the 'open cockpit' statements to make sure the

cockpits are where they're supposed to be. This, unfortunately, prevents their use in SF/Wo*

games at the 06 patch level, as stated above. Flight modeling, for the most part, remains as

originally issued, with some small tweeking by me. However, it NEEDS a better one!!


As always, fairly easy to follow, yet detailed install instructions are included. PLEASE read

them!!! PLEASE read the "Notes" section for the change list, and other important notations, in

particular for in-game usage.

For those that have the 1stGen releases, it's advised you delete, or move to a storage disk or

elsewhere, the aircraft and decals folders for them; this pak is desinged to replace them in



**These aircraft herein are released in "AS IS" Condition. There are SEVERAL issues with the

LOD that cannot be resolved. Period. Any and all issues/problems that cannot be solved via ini

edits will exist forever, as new models are unlikely to be created**


Happy Landings


kevin stein

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a small tweek for the cockpit (even though I told you NOT to fly it .. but people will anyway)


in the cockpit ini, replace the position line with this:




it's a bit closer


the J will have this correction when released

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thanks! just wish the lod and FM were better...


J will be next

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