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Here you have a collection of generic skins representing various squadrons that operated the North American P-51D/K Mustang during WWII.

They are NOT 100% accurate and definitely NOT perfect since camoflage and/or markings patterns differed from plane to plane within the same squadron, therefore

the term "generic" (constructive criticism will be accepted, however, rivet-counters, nit-pickers and haters in general, well, you can talk amongst yourselves).

The idea being to give you the chance to fly your favorite Mustang squadron and rack-up your own kills, and for that porpuse I've also included a set of "kill"


As with the previous pack this was going to be a more accurate list but due to an increased work load I no longer have the time to go thru the process of creating and matching serials

and individual markings to each aircraft.

Some of the squadrons make use of the stock Mustang serial numbers and other stock numbers modified by me.

You must have the following for this pack to work:

1. Strike Fighters 2 Expansion Pack 1 installed to get the P-51.

2. WWII Nations.ini

3. WWII Formation.ini

4. WWII weapons pack

Also, you'll need to update your squadron list.


The squadron list goes as follows:


Pacific 1944 - 1945

P-51D Mustang


3rd ACG

- 4th FS©

15th FG

- 45th FS

- 78th FS

21st FG

- 46th FS

- 531st FS

35th FG

- 39th FS

71st FG

- 82nd TRS

506th FG

- 457th FS

- 458th FS

- 462nd FS

China / Burma / India

10th USAAF

1st ACG

2nd ACG

- 2nd FS

23rd FG

- 75th FS

- 118th TRS

311th FG

- 530th FS

P-51K Mustang

348th FG

- 340th FS

- 341st FS

- 342nd FS

- 460th FS

F-6D Mustang

71st TRG

- 82nd TRS - Pacific

F-6K Mustang

71st TRG

- 110th TRS - Pacific


Thanks to TW for the P-51 Mustang and the original textures.



A. Mariani


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Beautifull stuff!!! Many thanks Amariani... very important mod for WW2 installs! :clapping:


However in my PTO install... I see a "clandestine" guy under the Mustang P-51D_PTO! :pilotfly:


Is there a fakepilot item? In the data.ini I've found an "ADF" indication?


Best regards,



Edited by Coupi

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Hi Kevin!


Super, thank you very much for your precious answer!!! :good:



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Upss, my bad! Just follow wrench's link. Drop the antenna folder in the pilots folder, the entries are already in the data.ini.

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you aren't the first to make that mistake, and definaty not the last!!! (yes, I've done it too!!!) :biggrin:

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