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LAPES_ParaCargo For SF1,WOX Patch 08

This mod is a LAPES (Low Altitude Parachute Extraction System) and a HCU-6/E or 463L Master Pallet Cargo loads set up to be dropped from a C-130A.

This mod requires end-user .ini edits for installation.

First you need the TW C-130A Flyable With the cockpit of your choice. (Not tested with any other aircraft).


To install: !!! Backup any and all files this mod may/will overwrite!!!


Unzip to a convenient location .

Drag and Drop Folders:

1. Objects Folder

2. Effects Folder

3. Sounds Folder


Editing of each file is covered in separate Readme's . I have included Referance coipes of the .ini’s I used in creating this mod.



Edits Required to files:


Extracted from: ObjectData.cat



3. C-130A_DATA.ini


Extracted from: FlightData.cat




1. C-130A_LOADOUT.ini

2. _Cockpit.ini


WEAPONDATA.ini: Add weapons data using the 0/8 patch level Weapons Editor.


Note on the craters: The impact effects/sounds work for both weapons/cargo loads, The HUC6E (HUCCrater) has only showed up for me 30% of the time on any terrain I tested with. The M-113 APC (APCCRATER) has only showed up if I assigned the crater type (7) to a 500lb_Bomb, so I know they work.


Note on HUC6E: The parachute deploy animation it timed to the “Subsonic Drag Cd” and the”Drag Area Multiplier”. If these values are change unsatisfactory results may accrue.



TW: c-130A

LAPSE 3D Model's and Textures: Myself

Effects Created with info by : Old Diego


This Mod is Freeware and not to be sold!

Anyone wishing to refine this mod or convert it to SF2 and re-upload it may do so.





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I can make more LAPES cargo items if someone has a (Object/Vehicle) .3ds they would like converted. PM me.

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Great job. Many thanks



Edited by krfrge

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