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WW2 PTO New Guinea Terrain for SF2

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WW2 PTO New Guinea Terrain for SF2

New Guinea, WW2 PTO Terrain for SF2 (Ver.3.5) 8/6/2014


- For SF2, Any & All (Full-4/5 Merged Reccomended)


= For Adventures in the South West Pacific =


**This is Version 3.5, with additional goodies. It's designed to replace all eariler versions.

If you have the other versions, you can either unzip and drop directly over your existing, or delete the older versions, and just use this one. No harm will befall you if you just Overwrite your existing New Guinea WW2 Terrain. Really.**


Be advised, this NEW terrain folder still retains the same name as all the originals, "NewGuinea2".


There many new GroundObject and Terrain Objects included in this terrain mod. All (if not most of) other Ground Objects you should already have. Those from the v.3 are still included. New Target Areas have been added . See the "Notes" section for the change list.


The LimitedNations statement is set to TRUE, allowing only for 'regional powers', but has been expaned to include RNZAF and ML-KNIL forces. The terrain also makes use of the 'AllowedDates" statement, preventing use BEFORE January 1942.


Geophysical Disclaimer: some rivers and other water features may not follow their Real Life ™ courses, or be placed in their Real Life ™ locations. Several cities and other physical features may also fall into that classification. Some cities exist only as 'named places'.


As is reccomended, unzip this archive to a temp folder or your desktop, and you'll have access to the rest of the readme for it's instructions. It's reccomended you -read- the document through after unzipping, but =BEFORE= installing.


As always, the Notes and Other Nonesense section may make for entertaining reading.

Please also read the New Standard Usage Discalimer, as it's been changed slightly to reflect a change in my policy. It's listed at the bottom, in the Legal Statement Section, with the URL back to the CA post.

Good Hunting!


Kevin Stein






Version 3.5 uploaded 8/13/2014


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Very good stuff!!! Many thanks... installed in my PTO SF2 game, it works fine!!!


Best regards,



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Version 3.5 uploaded


lots of little and large changes. Designed to just drop over your original or 3.0 versions.


See readme for changes and stuff like that there



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