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[Fictional] Mikoyan MiG-21bis Croatia (Two-Tone Grey)

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[Fictional] Mikoyan MiG-21bis Croatia (Two-Tone Grey)

Mikoyan MiG-21bis 'Croatia' for STRIKE FIGHTERS 2


This is a very simple mod of the stock Third Wire MiG-21bis to create a semi-fictional MiG-21bis in service with the Croatian Air Force who actually operate the type but not in this two-tone grey scheme. Perhaps a more talented modder can reproduce their excellent real world schemes and add them to this package.


This revised pack simply adds two USAF skins as bonus content and with basic decals.




1. From the AIRCRAFT folder drag and drop the MiG-21bisC folder into your Aircraft folder.


2. From the DECALS folder drag and drop the MiG-21bisC folder into your main Decals folder.


3. From the PILOTS folder drag and drop the PILOT_CRO folder into you main Pilots folder.


4. From the WEAPONS folder drag and drop the TANK_MiG21BISC folder into your main Weapons folder.





Thanks to Third Wire for the continuous improvement of a great little game/sim.


Thanks to Paladrian for the MiG-21 pit.


And thanks to everyone in the wider Third Wire community.






Version 2 - 02/03/14


Version 1 - 27/03/13


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