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WW2 ETO/MTO Naval Units

WW2 ETO/MTO Naval Units


-- Something for the ETO/MTO players --


= For SF2, Full-5 Merged (Reccomended/Preferred) =


*Note: in particular, these are designed for use in a WW2 ETO/MTO mods folders built =FROM= the

SF2NA.exe. No others seem to have whatever coding is needed (at least in my testing) for proper

CVBG formation. Be advised, it will absolutely =NOT= work in 1stGens. Please also note, that

the WW2 EAW ETO map, even the (as yet) unfinshed rebuild will NOT contain NA style ship-specific zones,

as it lacks enough 'sea room' for maunvering.*


Most of these ships are mods of Hinchbrooks's or Geo's, reflagged and slightly tweeked. Some

you may have already, and have transfered over to you ETO & MTO games, as they've been used on

several terrain mods of mine for The Pacific War ™, MTO or etc.. These will replace them.


I'm no Naval Archetiect, so "those that know", please make any needed corrections and upload!

When discoverable, armor values reflect Real Life ™. Names lists have been created for all.

REMINDER: if you have these ships already, you may want to back up the originals, as this pack

WILL completly replace/overwrite them!!!!


REMEMBER: For the most part, these are "stand in" ships!!! and may not reflect the full

capabilities of their Real Life ™ counterparts. (Or, in some cases, even look like them)

Unless otherwise indicated, all ships were originally created by Hinchbrook a loooooooong time


This pack contains naval units for the Royal Navy and German Kriegsmarine, and a few French Navy ships thrown in for good measure. Some of these are repeats from the PTO Naval Units pak; no US Navy ships are included. You can transfer them from the PTO, if necessary.


HMS Attacker Class CVE

HMS Eagle CV

HMS Formidable CV

HMS Nelson Class BB

HMS Victorious CV

Renown Class BB (aka: "Repulse")

Tribal Class DD (rebuilt from Daring)

Leander/Dido class CL - rebuilt from Foch


Suffren Class CA (French, aka "Foch")

Malin Class DD


KriegCruiser (includes cruisers and "pocket battleships")




In another subfolder, called "z-MTO sepcific", are the Italian Regia Marina ships:


Conte di Cavour Class BB

Condottieri Class CL/CA

Navigatori Class DD


a 'generic' MTB, and...


a KM Graf Zepplin Class CV, a "what If.." rebuild from the Formidable lod. This is slightly

beter than the original I'd done some years back, based off EAGLE. Of course, we lack Lufwaffe

carrier capable aircraft...but, what the heck, right? Still working a FN Bearn stand-in....


All ships include a full "Names.lst". These are JUST the surface combatants; there are no

support/supply ships included, other than a 'generic' minesweeper.


Make sure you have the WW2 Nations ini that includes the Nazi Germany and WW2 Italy. It's

available at the following URL:




It should be noted at this time, I am NOT a Naval Archeitect, and pretty much all these ships

need SOMEBODY to go through them and add the 2ndary and Tertiary AAA batteries - expecially the

Cruisers, Battleships, and stand-in Destroyers.


Included are the ships sounds wavs, and my SoundList.ini. If you have an extracted soundlist,

just edit your existing one to add the 2 sounds.


It's also advisable to have the WW2 Guns pak, as it includes the Naval Artillery. It's

available at the following URL:




However, some new guns ARE included for the RN boats.

NOTE: WW2 Gunpack Updated 4/23/2013 to include some missing naval guns.


As always, fairly easy to follow, detailed install instructions are included. So, please read

them. Also, give the "Notes" section a read too. Where possible, and if I still had them,

original readmes are included.


Reminder: a lot of these vessels are really old (2004/05), and therefore do NOT have multiple

main gun installations or secondary/tertiary batteries; those that do, have been jiggered into

being, and =DO= need further tweeking. Due to their age, "they are as they is". Of course, if

someone wants to build new ones.....<grin>

Remember, they are all pretty much 'stand ins', but do work relatively well.


With thanks to ALL our Shipbuilders!!


kevin stein


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I am very tempted to throw together a large Royal Navy vs Kriegs Marine Campaign out of this... :D

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