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25 April 2013 Update

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25 April 2013 Update


Dear all,


The past week or so has been more than a bit traumatic with the loss of a dear friend and our studio director has been away on travel in the US (in fact, meeting with me yesterday). One result of the meeting was him granting me much more freedom in how I can pass along information here. Earlier we had a more complex system of checks for public announcements that could slow things down dramatically. This will be changing in the form of weekly Friday updates starting next week.


Many of you are wondering and openly asking, "what's up with 1.2.4 and UH-1?!?" The BST UH-1H pre-purchase beta version is ready to go, but in order for it to work within DCS, we must release it concurrently with DCS ver. 1.2.4. Unfortunately, over the past week we had a few of A-level blocking bugs that prevented this from happening (like flares that had no effect on IR-guided missiles and ground units that would crazily warp around the map in network play). We think these have now been resolved and the 1.2.4 software is being retested. Once we are sure these have been resolved, both 1.2.4 and UH-1H will be released. Given the nature of bug hunting / extermination, I'm afraid that I cannot provide a release date.


While 1.2.4 has added several new features and fixed quite a few bugs, we do not pretend that it has cleaned up all outstanding issues, like performance impact from some types of cluster munitions. Such issues will continue to be worked on and addressed in 1.2.5 and beyond.




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Sounds good. Last thing we need is a 1.2.4 that breaks things working fine now, so a delay is perfectly acceptable. Impatience will not serve well here.

If it's a case of holding up a patch because of something that's ALWAYS been buggy, might as well leave that fix for 1.2.5, because we're already dealing with it in 1.2.3 anyway, right?


As long as it's better, I don't care if it's only 1% better and not 2% as planned. Just no new bugs!

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