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Skin AN-22



Extraiga el contenido de este archivo dentro de la carpeta principal de mods del SF2 \Objects\Aircraft\AN-22

Esta carpeta contiene 2 skin de este modelo mas nuevos TGA, que remplazaran los viejos para los propulsores

tambien hay un archivo Data ini que rempaza el origuinal, contiene una modificacion para poder lanzar chaf y flares



Banidos Team

Skin: Torno


Ante cualquier problema contactenos en CombatAce.





Extract the contents of this file into the mods folder of SF2 \ Objects \ Aircraft \ AN-22

This folder contains two skin this newest model TGA, that replaced them the old to the thrusters

there is also a Data ini file rempaza the origuinal, contains a modification to launch chaf and flares



Banidos Team

Skin: Torno


Any problem contact us at CombatAce.

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In 1985 this aircraft got camouflage specially for missions to Afghanistan. It was additionally equipped with APP-50 device for anti-MANPADS Also these equipment got aircraft No.04-03, 04-09, 06-04, 06-05.



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nice to see more skins!

good job!

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