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  1. WIP o Trabajos en progreso

  2. WIP o Trabajos en progreso

  3. I already solved creating rollers with transparent textures illuminated in each exhaust outlet as if it were a propeller, when one face is jerky and the other one is completely transparent, that when flipping gives that flickering effect
  4. that effect was implemented by ALEDUCAT a long time ago, and it is an animation in the max, but I am already working on a false engine animation and it seems to be satisfactory
  5. No soy un experto en datos de vuelo, generalmente tomo el de un avión ya creado y lo modifico hasta que tenga un vuelo aceptable, pero como ya he determinado el TA-152H, los modelos no tendrán grandes cambios, y usted tendrá que trabajar en sus datos después de publicarlos en forma de beta pantalla de algunos avances en la nueva cabina TA-152 The effect I was referring to is the flares of the cylinder exhaust pipes, if there is any possibility of creating an intermittent afterburner?
  6. well do not try even the modifications that I think wrench, but there is already a functional cockpit on the TA-152H, I wonder, nobody created any effect of intermittent flames escape, would anyone interested in recreating this effect?
  7. I was working on several luft46 models and how to explain in the Spanish forum the TA152H could not miss as the last piston engine hunting. received by request of some foristas, if you could do some short nose check I started working on that modification until visually achieving other verifications (not the whole family) was not in my plan a cockpit but create a visually static one for the Ta-152 and fw-190. these models unlike the TA-152 lost some structures such as the wing and tail cut unfortunately I can not take more time in these airplanes that were created to cover a gap the verifications are the ones that already showed that I will be launching for the download in the team banidos only I was flying this simulator, real life I separate the rest and I had to adapt to create and learn to model, I have more 40 models of my tutoring that I have at this moment in the simulator that did not see the light in a different state of work. one can choose to launch them like this (beta), or wait until some day they are correctly finished (which I really doubt) Sorry my bad english

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