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Updated BF109E-4,3d model,skins,templates and paintwork, by me

Russouk2004 May 06 2013


This model is as accurate as I could get it and with skins,and templates has cost me some hard work and long hours...

This model is for Strike fighters2 series.

It is a free add on and as such cannot be modded without permission.


To install,


extract and place folder BF109E-4,into mod folder of your choice...

C:\Users\XXX\Saved Games\ThirdWire...(or to your path if different.)

Must have...

Latest patch July12,and latest weapons pack,tho latter isnt essential.

hope you enjoy it as much as I did making this model.

Includes 3 German a\c

Sounds...choose 1 of 2 files.

2 X new german pilots(by me)...one with goggles down,one with them up..(Gerpilot and Gerpilot2 respectively.)

Centreline tank...part of 3d model.


Squadron ini entries.(for Both E3 and E4 models).(add to squadronlist.ini..make sure you alter the numbers.)


Includes the edited slow and fast props .

Legal stuff...


Feel free to repaint using seperate templates....

added new layers for panels rivets and common decals.

any older skins will need to be modified with new templates...Soon!

This model is free and cannot be altered without permission(3d model) unless requested,if modded,via ini files etc,all I ask is credit,where credits due.

This add on cannot be used for financial gain.


Any queries to ....


Thanks to following...


Wrench for testing..

Baffmeister for new FM`s.

(Data for RussoUK BF-109E-3 model. FM by Baffmeister, Charles, and ThirdWire. Beta 0.9)


Edited by russouk2004
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Thank you so much!!! Beautiful job!!!

Edited by Coupi

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Update 2 see top post.


Fix for 2 skins that I forgot to add rivets to...and one spinner colours were wrong...this will fix those.

drop 2 skin folders into main BF109E-4 folder and allow to overwrite.

Edited by russouk2004

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