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DCS World is Out

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DCS World It is available through auto updater and includes the following fixes:




+ Fixed a problem of self-destruction PRR missiles.

+ Fixed the activation of the trigger AI pilots on client LA.

+ Fixed a stuck button "Show All Routes".

+ Fixed synchronization between the server and the client for ground units.

+ Fixed the first Russian mission to the UN campaign.




+ Improved stability and hovering in flight

+ Smoothed input helicopter to "vortex ring NV";

+ Adjusted the angle of the bank indicator bulb (bulb).


Combined arms


+ Fixed missing second sound of machine-gun belts.

+ Fixed a bug where the server does not receive information on the autopilot disconnected from the client.

+ T 80. Fixed a bug burst shooting BB shells in the transition player in the tank on the server.

+ Cruise control for ground vehicles.

+ Fixed braking system for ground vehicles.

+ Fixed a crash when assigning targets.


Flaming Cliffs


+ A-10C: updated training missions for the German, Spanish and Russian versions.

+ Su-27: Fixed bug with unseparated lantern in flight.

+ Su-27: Display EW corrected.

+ Su-27: Fixed animation button release flap.

+ Su-27: Fixed problem with textures glass cracks when you look back.




+ Fixed an issue with the direction of the outpost in the old missions.

+ Fixed problem with USB headsets Logitech.

+ Fixed deletion of modules via the Module Manager.


We recommend the installation of new modules using the Module Manager games. The emergence of full installers may be delayed for a day or two for technical reasons.

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Loving the updated UH-1H FM. The original was fun and challenging, but unrealistically unstable. Now, the FM is nearly as hard as it was, but a soft touch on the cyclic avoids the wobbly goblin effect. I can land on the oil rig. I still can't beat the hard instant action ground attack since I am not accurate enough with the rockets at long range to kill both the ZSU-23-2 and the BMP before overflying the convoy and getting trashed by the BMP. I did destroy the entire convoy once, but was out of rockets and so damaged that I could not even begin to approach the static targets without getting shot down. On the other hand, I have the easy instant action ground attack down pat. If I practice on static targets with no return fire, maybe I can get my rocket pod skills up to a point where I can trash the convoy AAA escorts in the first pass and use miniguns to finish the soft targets, leaving me with a relatively undamaged helo and some rockets to do the same to the static targets.


My standard night is: try UH-1H oil rig landing a few times to get warmed up.

Fly UH-1H hard instant action ground attack until tired of dying.

Finally, Enjoy chomping on a pair of Fw 190D-9s with the P-51D.

Sometimes, I throw in some F-15C DACT guns only vs 2 x Su-27 just to enjoy the vulcan and the F-15's power/agility.

I still haven't mapped Su-27 controls to my stick yet, so I haven't spent more than a few seconds trying out the new Flanker 3d pit.

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