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Successful Torpedo runs. How to?

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So how dose one make a successful torpedo run in this game. I can never seem to hit the target. Even when it's not moving.


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won't make a difference; the tops in-game are "homing missiles"


for procedures, that's covered in the readme for the Bristol Beaufort mod I uploaded a few weeks ago...

Torpedo Attack Profile:


after hitting the "IP" waypoint, you'll want to get down to wavetop height as soon as possible!

By this, I mean 100-200 feet off the water. The torps have a limited range; approx 1.5km (guesstimate), so as usual, you'll want to assign you wingman one target and the 2nd flight (if available) any others. YOu take one for yourself.

Assign the targets no more than 5 miles out, and no LESS they 3 miles out. Otherwise, the AI controled birds may "go stupid".

Keep you speed around 180-200 knots IAS (not that it really matter in game -- torp breakup on entry is not modeled). Release you fish at approx 1 mile out. Then, firewall the throttles, break right or left or get lower and wave hop through the convoy. Your egress profile is going to be determined by the type of ship you're attack -- anything with guns you want to stay as low and fast as possible. Jink and zig as much as possible at the lowest altitude you can stand.

Listen for you hits, and "Mission Accomplished". Then, home for tea.

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