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VPAF 921th Regiment "Sao Do" MiG-17 Fresco A(1965)

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VPAF 921th Regiment "Sao Do" MiG-17 Fresco A(1965)

Campaign VPAF 921th Regiment "Sao Do" 1965(MiG-17 Fresco A)

For Wings over Vietnam.

This campaign with 90 missions for the VPAF 921th Regiment cover the periode Abril 3, 1965 to Dec 31, 1965.
Historical accurate with the main units and bases deployment by Apr 1965.
Campaign included the 20 numbers(decals)for the 20 VPAF MiG-17s and selection of photos with pilots VPAF, USN, USMC and USAF for PilotData folder.   

VPAF and the MiG-17

On February 3 1964, Lt. Gen. Hoang Van Thai (North Vietnam’s Deputy Defence Minister) ordered the creation of the 921th Fighter Regiment «Sao Dao» («Red Star») and put it under the command of Lt. Col. 
Dao Dinh Luyen. 
That was the beginning of the MiG-17’s career in VPAF.  921th Regiment "Sao Do" began the war operating the MiG-17 Fresco A, a original batch of 20 jets delivered in 1964 from Soviet Union.  After training in China this first group of pilots and jets were recalled in Vietnam and began operations on Apr 3, 1965.


Follow readme instructions and other additional information.

Thanks and credits:

Stary for the cockpit.
Author of Early MiG pilot.


Happy flights


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I always try to find good things in anyone's work .... we are a freeware, friendly community, but, -I'm sorry-, I can't find nothing in these files.


No way to fly VPAF as USN and USMC .... you can fly USAF but with Sao Do texts ....


And the optional J-5? One decal number stock MiG-17 plane ......


I think that before uploading a file some testings are needed and maybe before mod or re-mod something is better to take a look to previous existing mods ....



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We went through this last fall after the same poster uploaded a dozen or so of these single-numbered aircraft --mostly F-86s, MiG-15s, MiG-17s, and others from the same time period.


Even after being asked to explain the utility of these curious uploads, the poster remained silent. All the previous uploads have been removed, it appears. I strongly suspect this upload will meet the same fate.


Eric Howes

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yeah, seriously.


never answered in the release announcement threads, never responeded to Moderator PMs. I mean, WTF, really???

Shows a complete, total and utter lack of understanding of not only how the Game Engine ™ works, but standard upload polcies.


i'll leave it as is until the weekend, in the (uncertain) hope he responds. Then, well... we all know what happens next

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