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How much do we know about the EARLY_WARNING mission in single missions? I know it's not an option for player flyables; I just want the mission to generate; in other words, for the aircraft to be on the map, doing it's job. An alternative title for this thread was, "What's the E-2C got that other AEW aircraft don't got"? I've got both a DAT EC-121K (NAVY) and RC-121D (AIR FORCE) in the game; added the E-2C DetectSystem statements to the Data.inis and tried both with the stock avionics (Avionics60.DLL and a ground mapping radar), the EasyAvionics from the E-767 uploaded recently, and Avionics70.DLL and a modified F-15 radar. If NavalMap is true and it's after the E-2Cs start date I always get an E-2C AEW mission; whether NavalMap is true or false, no matter what the start date, I sometimes get one of the 121s as a NAVAL_SEARCH mission but never as AEW. Anyone got any ideas?

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I have E-3 sentry's in my install.... they took a while to start showing up. Random chance is my guess. I had the same issue with other aircraft, they eventually started showing up.

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