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Request for a skin-Beaufighter in US markings

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what makes you think there isn't one??


it's delayed due to research on, or if, any individual markings were carried, right down to RAF serials (if any).

I have a reputation for impeccable research, unlike others....

(also why the RAAF Spit 8 for SWP is delayed due to data ini "issues" with either the CG or tail gear)

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looks nice wrench, any chance on giving it the red arounf the engines like in the pic?just think it stands out.

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that's actually not paint, or more preciscly, "intact" paint.

the exhaust collectors are located at the FRONT the Herucles engine. it may be special paint, like used on headers (partly heat resistant) or specialy coated metal to NOT react to the heat. Personally, I go with a 'special metal'. The european and RAF MTO Beaus tended to be a more brown color, indicated to me a heat resistant metal reacting TO the heat (again, think of headers changing color after a few weeks of running)

The modlers datafile on the Beau dosn't specify, even with the factroy drawings in it


apologies the image isn't larger

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