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SF2 WW2 Spitfire Mk.VIII, RAAF PTO by Mod Mafia/TMF -v2

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SF2 WW2 Spitfire Mk.VIII, RAAF PTO by Mod Mafia/TMF -v2

SF2 WW2 Spitfire Mk.VIII, RAAF PTO by Mod Mafia/TMF 2/18/2014


**UPDATED to Ver 2!!**


= For SF2, Full-4/5 Merged (Reccomended/Preferred) =

-For WW2 PTO Usage ONLY!-


*Note: This mod updates the original pak from June, 2013. It is desinged to

REPLACE, it total, that pak. After unzipping, you MAY dorp it over your existing

one, or delete the older RAAF Pak (BETTER!!), and just use this. If you don't have the

original, then no worries!! :)

*Note2: it's RECCOMENDED you have whichever SF2 Expansion pak that gave us the

Spit 9s. This mod references that destroyed model for it's own use*


This is a reskin/redecalling of the TMF Mk.VIII Spit for use by the Royal

Australian Air Force in the South West Pacific area (Oz, PNG, Indonesia, Timor,

etc region). NOT for use in the CBI theatre!!!

Note: this is a Nationalized verion for Australia =ONLY=!!


Skin/Decals set included are for:


No. 452 Squadron as delivered in 1943

No. 79 Squadron (late 44/45, all white tail; Moritai?) NEW!!


The aircraft is finished in standard RAF Day Scheme (Green/Grey/Lt Grey unders)

All skins are in jpg format, Decal Randomization is TRUE.

All markings are decals (excepting National Markings, that are painted on);

making it supremely easy to recreate other squadron users.

For 79 Squadron only, Serial numbers marked with a star (*) for either skin

represent actual aircraft, 100% matched to their plane-in-group-numbers. Those

withOUT, while having served with the respective squadrons, could not be match

to specific aircraft. For 452 Squadron, ALL are 100% historically correct.

All weapons (drop tanks), sounds, pilot figure(s) (including the 'fake pilot')

are included. Guns/bombs are NOT included; you should have them already.

New Hangar and Loading screens are included. The appropriate Squadron Crest is

used for the paint chip on both skins.


The Canopy opens with the Standard Animation Keystroke ™, Shift/0

Damage textures are DDS;


When 'in game', you'll see


Spitfire Mk.VIII (TMF) RAAF


in the aircraft selection drop-down window. This will diferentiate it from any

other Mk.VIIIs, and their users, you may (or may not) have .


As always, fairly easy to follow, highly detailed install instructions are

included. So, please -READ- them. Also, give the "Notes" section a read too for

futher explinations, clarifactions, illuminations and so forth.


Good Hunting!


Kevin Stein


For Oli; you are sorely missed!


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version 2 uploaded, some minor fixes and new skin

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Super! Many thanks... check pm!!! bye.gif.pagespeed.ce.aRkSaQi2W_.gif

Edited by Coupi

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