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SF2 WW2 PTO RAAF Kittyhawk Mk.IA Pak

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SF2 WW2 PTO RAAF Kittyhawk Mk.IA Pak

SF2 WW2 PTO RAAF Kittyhawk Mk.IA Pak


-- Something for the WW2 PTO players --


= For SF2 ONLY, Full-5 Merged (Reccomended/Preferred) =


*Note: this pak MAY be usable in 1stGen SF/Wo* game installs. However, some features (decal randomization) will NOT be functional. Use in 1stGens has not, and cannot be, tested by me.*


**Notex2: this mod is designed for use ONLY in a PTO-Centric mods folder**


A first, I was just going to do a simple skin/decals pack. But with all the "modifications" made to fit (better) into SF2, in particular the 5/2013 patch level (oi!), chose to take the "lazy man's way out" and just upload the entire aircraft.


When in-game, on the aircraft selection drop-down, you'll see


Kittyhawk Mk.1A (Raven)


This will diferentiate this for any other Kittyhawks you may (or may not) have.

This is the full aircraft, "nationalized" for Australian use, as stated above, with my 'tweeked' sf2-ish data ini (and a backuped copy of the original too!). The skin included is for...


No.75 Squadron, RAAF


as seen from mid/late April 1942 in the Port Moresby, PNG area


Skins remain in their bmp format.

New DDS damage textures (usable on all Raven's Warhawk/Kittyhawk in SF2 only) are included!

New aircraft plane-in-group letter decals, and RAAF serials - 95% historically accurate - matched to the individual letter, are included. On the numberlist, those marked with a star (*) have been postively confirmed to have served in 75 Squadron.


All markings are decals, and Decal Randomization is TRUE. There are no nose arts. Also, via the use of my (patent pending) fake SqTail decal, the squadron name display is now active on the Loadout Screen.

No weapons are included, except an SF2 Version of the drop tank (for those that haven't converted it yet). New theatre-specific Hangar and Loading screens are included, too.


The skins have been run through the template (thank you Raven for that!), and have had a layer of dirt and 'clouds' added for weathering.


As always, fairly easy to follow, yet detailed install instructions are included. PLEASE read them!!


Good Hunting!!


Kevin Stein

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for me downloads (and uploads) are working fine. Of course, as a moderator ... the site software may have turned us on first


might have something to do with the site rebuild.

Give Erik a bit; should be fine in a day or so. If not, I'll make arrangements

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