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US Navy air wing color codes?

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Hey guys,


I used to have a list of the squadron color codes used by the USN in the 1950s before the Vietnam squadron shuffle screwed everything up. Namely, I am looking for what colors went with what positions in the air wing. I know a few off hand already. 1xx is red, 2xx is yellow, 5xx is green. But does anyone have or know the full list?



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46-55 color codes (had to do all this research for the KAW mod)


modex  (-> = up) 


101 -> - red

202 -> - white

301 -> lt blue

401 -> lt green


CAG - x00 (apparently, could be any)


post 55


101 -> insignia red

201 -> orange-yellow

301 -> light blue

401 -> international orange

501 -> light green

601 -> black

701 -> maroon


801 ->

901 -> no listing


Squadron Signal #6160 US Carrier Air Unit 1946 -1956

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Awesome! Thanks guys! I have been trying to refind this information and could not. Xrearl, that is the exact page I had found so long ago and forgotten. Wrench, that sums it up nicely. Thanks for all the help!

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