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Sight Seeing in Free Flight

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I also enjoy FSX and love to fly bush planes. This sim has it too. Enjoyed London and Paris, but I prefer the mountains. The South West section has that. Had a great flight in a Roland from a sw airfield and just went exploring on my side of the mud.


Good times. Not as purty as FSX with addons, but still very enjoyable. Oh, the sky at sunset.... wish I had a float plane to land on a river and startle Grandpa Saar's cousins that didn't take the voyage across the Atlantic. He lost many old world relations in  in WWI. He was an infant in the 1910 move to America.


I also use free flight as a tool to evaluate graphics sliders. Don't see much difference between 4s and 5s on the airfield when I'm piloting a bicycle (none as far as terrain and minimal on scenery).


This mod of CFS3 has come a long way. I can only hope thet the next mod, WOFF, will come to fruition.



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Wasp, you can actually fly across the Alpes to the Riviera and northern Italy.

I have flown to several places in the Alpes and checked the coordinates with

GoogleMaps - they were almost spot on.

If you fly in the Alsace area, you can use the many lakes there as landmarks.

They are also very close to what I found in GoogleMaps, and give you a fine


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