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Overzealous/outdated IP range filter ?

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Erik, it seems that you changed your IP filtering settings a few weeks ago and I haven't been able to access the site from my usual IP since then, DNS resolve, but packets are ultimately dropped, which would be consistent with an IP range being filtered (proxies and my other IPs work well).


I'm using a fixed IP ISP also using that IP range (109.190.84.x) for his hosting services and the whole block apparently once belonged to a russian ISP associated with spam, which would explain why my range might end up in not up to date blacklists (and why some sites occasionnally default to russian as a language).


Any chance you can spare a few minutes investigating it ?

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Unblock 109.190.84.***, trying permanent blocks...


Removing rule...
DROP all opt -- in !lo out * 109.190.84.*** ->
DROP all opt -- in * out !lo -> 109.190.84.***




Unblock 109.190.84.***, trying temporary blocks...


iptables: There are no temporary IP bans
iptables: There are no temporary IP allows





It was loaded by the system as a blacklisted IP which uses common RBLs to determine the networthiness of an IP. I don't think it's an overzealous way of doing things I think its a way to prevent spam.  I would suggest, since this is a common practice nowadays, to get the IP removed from these lists. You can use a service like mxtoolbox.com to check RBLs or google "search an IP on RBLs".  If it happens again I'll have to whitelist the IP, but since I was unclear who we are talking about you or your friend (your IP doesn't resolve to that IP) I didn't want to arbitrarily just grant carte blanche without knowing.



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Thanks Erik, fixed, however my IP (and from what I know, the part of the range use for ISP duties) is not in any RBL and supposedly have not been for quite some time.

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