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About the Downloads and Subscriptions

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The downloads are back up about 90%. (there are 438 more files to sort etc)


But we need help with the following:


1. Check your files you uploaded, modders I'm looking at you, if there is no screen shot PLEASE put one in there. I'm still looking at you modders.


2. Check your subscriptions. Erik said he extended everyone because of the downtime. If you see something wrong let us know. We will fix it. We gave everyone their time back plus 2 extra week as a way of saying thanks for your continued patience.


3. Finally of you see any files missing, lets us know so we can find them or the community can find then and we can get them back up.


Erik used every bit of cash CombatAce had to fix it. He even poured his own money in it. So the coffers are empty. The funny thing about is that the biggest complainers about the download sections being down, were the ones who never put a dime into the site. Not a single penny. So shame on those people who complained but never helped out. So if your are feeling generous we would a appreciate the help.


Erik has been doing this non stop for weeks, this is all he has done for hours and hours and hours, days an days and days, weeks and weeks and weeks all because the data center fucked up. Erik didn't fuck up, the company that handles billions of dollars in data, fucked up. If it wasn't for Erik the legacy of CombatAce and Strike Fighters in particular would be gone. And he did this all while still recovering form damn near dying on us last year.


So I am standing on top of the hill and I need you all to form on me, and lets get Erik across the finish line on this.

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As you requested i tried to attach the screenshots. But i'm not sure, wheter i found all of my files.

Is there a way to display all files which i had uploaded in the last years?

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