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[Fictional] Thai F-4E and F-4J Phantom II

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[Fictional] Thai F-4E and F-4J Phantom II

Fictional mod of the stock F-4E_78 and F-4J to make them look like fictional fighter planes for both Royal Thai Air Force and Royal Thai Navy Air Arm.







During the Vietnam War, thai troops assisted the US against the Viet Cong, losing more than 1,000 men in the fights. During the many battles in Vietnam, thai soldiers experienced the tremendous power of the US Air Force and Navy aircraft.

Especially the F-4 Phantom with her J79-Engines roaring over the battlefields received a special respect from the troops.


But not only in Vietnam, also in Thailand itself, where many sorties of the US Army and special forces were initiated from, the Phantom was an impressive and formidable apparition.


As for being an important partner, especially in black op matters, the Pentagon granted Thailand the permission to purchase some F-4Js for their Navy, which were of great use during the hasty evacuation of Saigon in 1975, protecting escaping vessels and aircraft against potential threat from northvietnamese armed forces. As reward for their unconditional aid and sacrifice during the War, the Pentagon allowed the selling of 17 previously cancelled F-4E Phantom II (Serials 75-0638 - 75-0655)

to Thailand at a much lower price than eventually stated at the contract.





1. Drop the folders into your Objects folder. If asked to overwrite, click yes.





Big Thanks to Thirdwire for the games and the superb models they have.


Also to Sundowner for the great templates!



Kindest regards




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