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How to convert coordinates in kilometers

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If the following coordinates are given 50°46′31″N 6°4′58″E .  How do we convert them to kilometers?


On LeMissioneur map Bastogne is Position at 754.0283203 km and 755.4932251 km.  My question is how do they get those positions

on the map?


Thank You



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location on EVERY terrain is determined from the 0/0 point OF that terrain .. which is the lower left corner. IIRC, said coordinates 123456, 789101, for example is distance in KM from that corner


It has no relation to the Real World ™ lat/long coordinates (for the most part). Oddly the TE "builds" the height field from a DEM, from the UPPER left corner down and to the right.


to find out where something goes on a terrain, one needs to learn how to read Real World maps (specifically navigational charts -which I use HEAVILY!!), and convert the physical location of a place to it's location on a given terrain map, by comparing it with the Terrain Editor tiles, and using the "display height field' view, for coastal edges and/or mountains and such like. GE can also be useful - at times. But not always, given the tile shaping limitations

And it takes a good deal of time to learn that, I'm here to tell.

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