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Improve aircraft model : skins as jpg and automatic skin for fuel tanks

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Can anyone help me  to make the following modifications to a "classical" aircraft ?

- Use jpg skinbs instead of bmp to save disk space

- To choose automatically fuel tank color according to the skin used (example : desert skin => desert fuel tank, camo skin => camo fuel tank) ?


Thank you in advance

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those stock and 3rd party aircraft, where the main aircraft lod has the fuel tank lod built into to it are the only ones EASILY done with skin (or squadron/paint job)-specific fuel tank skin placed WITHIN the appropriate skin folder.

Knowing EXACTLY which aircraft is the important part. Not all (included some 3W, iirc) do.


otherwise, you have 'clone' the original, separate fuel tanks and hex edit the lods to use skin (or squadron) spedific names for skin or squadron specific named skins (read: skin named for that specific use). That's how it was originally done, way back from the beginning in SFP1. The various weapons pack are FULL of these kind of fuel tanks

Unfortunatly, that means the end user has to select them from the loadout screen's weapons selection menu


bmp to jpg is a simple "save as..." and put in the appropriate skin folder. Thousands of examples exist in the D/L section

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Thank you very much for your answer Wrench.


It took me some time to think of your advice


Indeed, I am with Crusader on the Jaguar A : we don't have the original max file so after some thoughts, we will split planes into desert and European camo.

This will not be a big problem for specific install (ODS, Nata Fighters for instance) because only one type of camo will be needed.


As to bmp to jpg, I will recheck why it did not work the first time

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Hello Jeanba,


Very good the... Jag de notre Armée de l'Air!


If you need documentation ask me...


Best regards,



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