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I already saw some posts on the official lock on forum dealing this question, but I want to know what you think.


What do you think, will lock on be easy to mod? Things like changing the colours of a plane, tweaking flightspeed and such :P or more advanced things like building your own planes from scratch. So you can insert them in the sim and then fly them in multiplayer games!

I am not a good designer. So I aren't going to design planes in gmax or 3dsmax. But I know C++ / VB / Delphi and hope to bring it in action making some mod or so. I just hope they don't overprotect there code. I would surely help if we could read those files. I don't say they must make there sim open-source, but heck.. you know what I mean. I just don't want to be stuck with standard planes, worlds and rules.

What do you people think about this?

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I think your goin to see a game that is pretty closed to outside intervention. I'm sure the LOMAC dev team will make available to everyone the following things to be altered:


Aircraft Skins (aircraft paint schemes, to include decals)

Cockpit Skins


These things will allow anyone to personalize their aircraft, yet still keep everyone that plays the game on the same "NO HACKS" playing field. This is what most hardcore flight simmers prefer.


The ability to change flight characteristics and weapon characteristics is precisely what the the LOMAC crowd wants to avoid. Nothing kills the enjoyment of a game quicker then renegades flying UFO's.


You may see mods from experienced hackers start to develop within a few short months of the games release. These are generally very well kept secrets. Because of that, you will only eventually be ably to identifiy certain callsigns to be "hacked". But I must point out that with this as with any sim, bandwidth and internet connection play a vital role as to what a player "see" vs what's the opponent "does".


We'll all have to sit back and just play the game...learn how to skin and create our own custom paint scheme....but its my opinion that we leave the FM's and such alone and play a fair fight.





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