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Can someone throw me a bone (ie, link) to the tutorial that describes the functions of the coding in the campaign.ini/campaigndata.ini? I can't seem to find it anywhere. I've somehow managed to make my entire OpFor air force disappear, airfields and all, during the campaign, but they work fine for Single player. I managed to get the airfields back (no idea how) but the all of the enemy air forces are still MIA. My modding seems to be good-- the campaign starting dates, the individual air unit starting date and aircraft availability dates seem to check out. The date I'm working with is (in your silly American format) 2/23/2002. All aircraft are available on this exact day. All aircraft and airfield names are accurate... it all seems to be a-ok. I just want to check to see if there's some miniscule detail I'm missing, because it's driving me mad! More so, that the blue forces work 99% as intended (except for aircraft tasked with transport missions imbedded in the ground), just no red air forces  at all.

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I didn't, only because this is essentially a copy of a short campaign set in 1999 that ends in something of a stalemate. my intention was to use that as a basis and flesh it out more in this one. What really bugs me is that that campaign seems to work fine. The only edits I've made for the 2002 one were in the dates the campaign takes place (2/23/2002) and the starting dates for the individual units (either 2/23/2002 or 3/3/2002) and in the names of the aircraft. I order my aircraft files by service, eg, TNI-AU F-16A for Indonesia, RNZAF F-16A Blk20 for NZ, RSAF F-16D  for Singapore, etc, That way I have all the respective nations' aircraft grouped together for ease of use when modding. I've changed these accordingly in the specific campaign inis, so they should be fine (I've tested them all in single mission, they show up). I think I changed some of the carrier group airfields and they may not necessarily work, but I'm focusing on blue AF right now to get the core working, then build around that, If the worst comes to worst, I'll just copy and edit the old one again and make ver minor changes until it works. But I remember there being a link somewhere to a multipage description of what the coding meant and did. I don't think it's in the KB, because I've been through there.

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