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Something for the Girlfriend this Xmas perhaps

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First I thought it was a joke but then I realised it is a real product. Amazing s#*t they won't come up with. Humans are now supposed to be ashamed that they digest food and dispose of it?!  :)))


I've got a better solution from keeping the smell of one's dung "enriching" the surrounding air: It doesn't matter if you're releasing your weight in one shot  or in multiple bursts;    the moment the brown squooshy matter detaches from your entity, semi flush the toilet (keep your hand on that flusher as you would keep it on the red buzzer on a quiz show, you gotta be fast,  the key is not to flush the toilet all the way because you'll have to wait for the refill, and will have to flush it more again so people outside could think that you are being  attacked by some kind of a  toilet monster, just flush it enough that the thing you came to dispose of in the first place sinks under the water level). Depending on the number of shots you have, repeat accordingly. After all the negative energy is out of your system, go for a proper toilet flush. 

With little practice, no smell guaranteed. It works great at home, at parties, at work, school and funerals.


and the best part: It is absolutely free. 


And remember, do not leave skidmarks. Those are worst than the smell!


Happy shooting!!

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Advertising agents really made more and more progress to be understood. Example, with this lovely pattern, full of poetry.




But what a cool company's name. A mix between 'poo' and the French word 'pot-pourri' which is, basically, a fragant plants mixture (although once 'pourri' translated it gives 'rotten').

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I wouldn't need it I'm all roses but would make a great gift for the missus.

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