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Hi , I put your HFD/TFD ICELAND Terrain into WOE 1 and It works, except the 'FJORD_AIRFIELD2_LOD003' is in Unicode and wont show , can you export a Ansi copy of the .lod? I'm using the 'GermanyCE.cat' and I'm going to look over the Targets and Types .ini's because the Terrain is mostly empty, also some small edits were needed to the 'IcelandNA.ini'.





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it's 'Gerwin'.

I will look at the issue. The terrain was tested with the WOI expansion pack 2010 core game.

Also I made SF1 compatible houses and containers before, but they may not have been added to the package yet.

What changes did you make to IcelandNA.ini?

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I just // every line that didn't match the WOE GermanyCE. Ini, WOI supports Unicode , I have WOI so I'll just move the terrain to that install. I'll let you know more after I get home (at work).

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I installed WOE 2008 to test it again. And made some adjustments and additions to the IcelandNA package on my website.

All seems well now, there are more structures on the ground now. In particular the new containers and houses by me.

All ini files in the 'standalone' folder are ASCII/ANSI.


When installing this terrain 'standalone' it needs to be linked to one of the four terrain cat files, by adjusting one line in IcelandNA.ini.

It is set up for WOE by default.


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