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I think I asked this question before but never got a real answer. When I'm flying the TMF Mig-29 and I'm in the cockpit, the moment I move my joystick forward or back  the view changes in the cockpit. If I move the stick forward it zooms in, move it back the view zooms out.  I don't have this problem with any of the other aircraft that I fly whether stock or addon.  I there any way to turn this off as it becomes quite distracting?  Thanks.

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Someone probably programmed head bobbing or attempted to and connected the stick axis to cockpit position, or something similar.

Typically, in the cockpit ini files, there are dummy instruments such as g-meters, that cause cockpit movement to simulate head bobbing due to g-load and or bank/roll/pitch indications.

These can be safely deleted or commented out.

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