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Post your HOTAS assignments...

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So this weekend I'm going to (finally) map my Warthog to take more advantage of the commands available. I'm curious what other people are doing and have found useful. And I'm not looking for ultra-realism or anything - for instance, I'd imagine some people map a "padlock" command perhaps to one of their buttons.


I figure I probably need to have some radar commands mapped (modes), probably target selector button, and weapons cycling. Right now I'm using the little lever on the HOTAS labeled INCR - DECR (it is an axis) as my thrust vector - but I probably should have it somewhere on the throttle that I don't have to take my hands off the throttle. I haven't even mapped flares or chaff yet simply because the A-6A I'm flying doesn't (or isn't supposed to) have them.


So any TM Warthog users want to share their assignments? I'd be interested in what other non-TM users have mapped too..




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Saitek X-52pro in SF2;   flares/chaff, A-G and A-A weapons cycle, toggle flaps, radar range, radar mode, radar next/previous target, radar lock/unlock, air brakes, wheel brakes. It still leaves some 8-9 commands to be assigned but have no need for them on hotas.


In Falcon4 BMS however all of my hotas commands are assigned and yet it's not enough.

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Fire Primary Gun


Fire Missile bomb

Weapon Release

Fire Secondary Gun

Missile Step


Lock target


Unlock target

TMS Down

Radar cursor next radar contact

TMS Left

Radar Cursor  Prev radar contact

TMS Right


Next radar mode


Prev radar mode

DMS Down

A-A weapon cycle

DMS Left

A-G weapon cycle

DMS Right


ECM Jammer

CMS back


CMS Left


CMS Right


Target Closest to centre

Trim Up

Target next visual

Trim Down

Target closest visual

Trim Left

 Target locked radar contact

Trim Right

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