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I was creating new templates for myself and saw a pic of a Thud with anti-glare paint added to the drop tanks on silver aircraft.  Tried to duplicate on "SILVERUSAF" but found it didn't work as the tanks were just too glossy.  So, I took one of the "CAMOUSAF" folders and swapped the camo skin with a silver skin.  The following is the result.  Loss some of the glossiness but still looks pretty awesome to me!





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BTW...this is the result of those templates....The furthest is in a "Reverse Camo" paint scheme,



And The USN  F-4 Skins ?

I use NOTHING but the best...modified templates by my good friend "Sundowner"....





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Will' be downloadable ? Can we ask at Sundowners a skin pack for F-14A(77) TW ?

I've see animated canopy and wing-folder ... can will have this up-date in future ?

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uuuugggggghhhhh....been reading about F-105s, saw some show on the history channel about restoring an F-105, bought a board game just to move paper F-105s over downtown Hanoi.. and now after seeing your F-105s, I'm convinced to start a fresh install just to fly F-105s tomorrow.


Dont want to hijack this, but do we have any F-105s here with PACAF badges on them? Thinking about trying my hand on some Yokota birds before they got rid of those colorful arrows on the intakes.

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